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Máy đo Rosh EDX-2800 / Rosh tester machine EDX-2800

Máy đo Rosh EDX-2800 / Rosh tester machine EDX-2800

  • Gửi thư tới Nhà cung cấp:
Liên Hệ Hotline : 0934483286


  • Versatile in Function: 
    The unit is an all-in-one x-ray instrument; providing hazardous substance detection (lower than required ppm levels), elemental and bulk analysis, coating thickness measurements, gold purity analysis, alloy verification and more.
  • Repeatable Results: 
    The newest technologies insure repeatability of results over extended measurements
  • Measurement Chamber
    The large chamber (24" x 15" x 3") fits parts with ease and has multiple features to insure accurate sample placement.



  • Silicon PIN-Diode (Si-PIN) detection system
    • Resolution of approximately 160ev
    • No liquid nitrogen (LN2) required; save expense and hassle
  • Eight (8) automatic collimators
    • Collimator range of 8.0 mm down to 0.1 mm
  • Five (5) automatic filters: means increased sensitivity and lower detection limits
  • Large chamber (24" x 15" x 3") fits parts with ease
  • Color camera system for viewing and precise measurement
  • Signal-to-Noise (SNE) provides powerful assurance for measurement accuracy
  • Element Range: Sulfur (S) to Uranium (U)
  • Computer included at no charge
    Utilizes Windows XP for record keeping and report generation in Excel and Word



Most Popular Use
Hazardous Substance Detection
          The solution for compliance to various regulations including RoHS, CPSIA, etc
          Regulations affect multiple industries (jewelry, toy, packaging, etc)
          The EDX-2800 from Skyray XRF offers an economical, in-house, testing solution
          Even if third party testing is being used; in-house screening offers back and protection

Also Used for:
Jewelry Industry and Precious Metals Analysis
          Quickly determine the percentage of gold and other precious metals in a sample
Coating Thickness Measurements